Today, life led me in a different direction...

This morning I attended a funeral of one the father's from the street I grew up on.  There were lots of the "kids" from the street at the funeral with their parents. We talked about how lucky we were growing up on "our" street, and the fun times we had. Hide N go seek, tree forts, digging for bones, jumping off building, bikes races,  walking to school, bread bags in our winter boots when they got wet so we continue playing, stealing veggies from the gardens were among some of the things we did and talked about.

It was a sad time, but one filled with good memories and a time to reconnect.

There was no blueberry picking yesterday, but my mother, brother and I took the dogs for a hike, then we all went and had huge naps, followed by a late supper. I can back home and watched 3 episodes of Orange is the new black and went to bed.  Day 2 was not what I had originally planned but it was perfect in my books.


Jane said…
Such good memories Sam! I remember the bread bags in the boots as well :) One of our favorite activities was creating slides by sliding over and over and over again on a patch of snow until we created a slick of pure ice. I still remember a huge goose egg on my head when my brother tripped me up on the ice one time. He felt such guilt but I got over it pretty quickly. Good times.

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