Sunday Night chit chat... Aug 10/14

  • Making:  Nothing, but I'm going to sort my old t-shirts this week to begin my rag rug!
  • Cooking: Nothing, I just got finished a 9.5 shift at my PT job and I'm too tired to cook. I'll cut some watermelon later and eat it with some lemon greek yogurt
  • Drinking:  decafe coffee
  • Reading:The rest of her life by Laura Moriarty
  • Wanting: a clean house
  • Looking: at a mess on my computer desk
  • Playing:  nothing, but I can hear the clock ticking
  • Wishing: For a cleaning fairy to stop by
  • Enjoying:  Listening to the dog squeek his ball...
  • Waiting:  For the sun to set to enjoy the super moon
  • Wondering:  how the dog will make out. His osteoarthritis has flared up really bad ( inflamed and swollen joint) to the point where he's on pain meds. He's booked for xrays in two weeks to see how much it's advanced in two years. He still runs with his ball and gets my sneakers to go for a walk, but he can't go for as long...
  • Needing: a new roof... and new sneakers... and glasses
  • Thinking:  Bed will be so nice in a few hours
  • Bookmarking: nothing
  • Feeling: a good tired


~Carla~ said…
Thanks for playing along! When that cleaning fairy is done at your house, can you send her on this way please? ;) Watermelon and greek yogurt sounds perfect! Yum!!

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