Some times you just need to play...

Sunday morning my sister and went to the beach with two of my nephews. We got there by 11:00 and there was hardly anyone there yet. My sister and I read, I walked the beach and the boys played. Them the youngest got cranky. I decided to take them to the sandbar to play. The cranky one walked 5 feet and turn around to go and sit with my sister.

My other nephew and I race down the beach. Yes, I took part in a foot race with a 10 year old and I lost. We went to the sand bar, the water was warm, and the waves were rolling ( not very high). We started to wave jump. Jumping over waves and splashing ourselves. We had a blast. It helped that the water temp was about 18 and the air was about 20, so there was no major shock to the system.  We ended up body surfing, floating and just hanging out for an hour in the water. We even had a visitor, a little boy around the same age as my nephews, who decided we were having so much fun that he wanted to join us. My cranky nephew had a little chat with his mother, he lost his cranky pants and they joined in the fun too. My nephews and I napped on the way home.

I said to my sister later that it's been a long time since I've played in the water like that. It was the best way to spend the second last Sunday of summer!


Jane said…
You are so right - gotta get some beach time in before it's too late - where did summer go?? I love wave jumping too and glad Mr. Crankypant's attitude improved :)
Such a beautiful post. Can just imagine it. Playing with kids is wonderful. Love playing with my grandkids and marvelling in their imaginations.

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