It's Friday... and overcast

The sun has shone here very little the past week or so,  but that means today is a good day to get things done inside the house. A little bit of cleaning, a little bit of sorting and some cleaning of the basement is in order.

I have a hair appointment this afternoon, 20.00 for this. I love when the hairdresser straightens my hair! The dogs went to the groomers yesterday. 85.00 for two dogs, which includes bathing, hair trimming and nails done. They look so fluffy right now.

My older sister is home from out west, and my other siblings are coming over for the weekend. It should be good times! I've booked a week off in mid September, can't wait for that. I'm planning on doing some kayaking, hiking and a few little projects around the house. I'll still work at my PT job, but I won;t be rushed. I'm also planning on sitting around a fire one or two nights. I've got someone booked to come and stay at my house for a week-end and I'm going away for three days, 2 nights.  The dogs will stay behind, and get lots of love from the dog sitter.

Moneywise, things are ok. I've got enough to pay the bills with a smidge leftover. I'm going to go and buy a few things that are on sale this week to stock up for the winter. I'm planning on spending about 50.00 or so to start a small stockpile.

How was your week? I hope everyone is catching the last bit of summer fun!


T'Pol said…
I am truly fed up with summer. The weather web site shows 90-91-92 degrees Fahrenheit for today and the weekend. I am sure I have been born in the wrong country. Should have moved to Canada when I was young and able..

I need to go grocery shopping today so, I can stay at home over the weekend. Have a nice weekend Sam!
Jane said…
Overcast here too lately and HUMID! Whoa! You know it's humid when you break out into a sweat when you're sitting in a chair reading! Your week off sounds nice and relaxing!
Thanks for the white caterpillar tips *smile*

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