Day 1 of my staycation...

I'm off for 4 days, so I'm calling it a staycation. Today I'm off to the gym, walking the dogs, heading to an appointment, then I'm spending the afternoon or part of it at the beach. I'll come home, cook supper, do a bit of housework and I'm planning on sitting outside stargazing tonight.

Tomorrow's plan is to hit up the farmers market, yard sales, take the dogs on an adventure, some housework, and blueberry picking.

Sunday I'm going to the water with my coffee and the dogs, we'll hang there for an hour or so, then some time spent in the house  cooking and visiting with friends.

Monday  will be spent at the gym, walking the dogs and relaxing at the beach. I may do a few other small things, but I'm still up in the air about them. I'll decide later. Happy long weekend everyone!


Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like a great weekend, enjoy!

I'm hoping to spend lots of time on my porch overlooking the river... and season 4 of The Killing just came out today on Netflix, so might watch a few eps on my iPad :)
ND Chic said…
Farmers market and blueberry picking are totally up my alley for a Saturday. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.
The Witch said…
Enjoy your long weekend.
Sounds as if you have planned every moment for fun and relaxation.
I didn't realize Blueberries are ready to pick. Seems so early, but I guess the Summer is flying by.

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