Life is good

After  feeling discombobulated for the past 2 weeks ( not sure why), when I got I from work last night I felt much better. It may have something to do with the pain in my leg that flares up when I'm sleeping, due to an old injury, so I'm taking it a bit easy.

I have a great conversation with two co-workers yesterday that put a few things in perspective ( thank you ladies!)My career choice is not easy one, but I do love what I'm doing right now. Someday's I deal with some pretty heavy stuff, but I'm learning to cope with it ( after 16 years).

I've had a few really good walks with the dogs this week, listening to the birds chirping away,  smelling the trees, watching the water, all things that are good for my soul.

My PT job is good, there's been some drama there, but I stay out of it, and it's was funny that someone pulled a stunt last week and management called their bluff... The drama has been greatly reduced now.

I just got back from walking the dogs... a nice 45 minute jaunt at 07:00 on a Saturday morning. The air was crisp, the breeze cool and the sun is shining. The amount of people that we met this morning was crazy ( tons of yard sales around). Every car or truck gave us a huge smile, as who could not smile when they see these two!

My friend whom I'm dog sitting for sent me 300 yesterday for two months boarding fees! Sweet... Plus she paid me last week for the porcupine incident!

Now, I must be off to move some stuff around in the basement, as I'm going to be storing some items for a friend... Happy Saturday all!


Jane said…
Life does sound good indeed! (I like how you and I steer clear of the drama!!) I'm glad to hear you are getting some board $$ for your "loaner" doggie :) !!
And how wonderful there are some people at work you can actually have a rewarding conversation with - that really helps!

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