Back from vacation

I'm back from my vacation in PEI and what a wonderful week we all had. The weather was beautiful, ( we had rain one night and into the next morning, and it made for fun times walking on the beach). I started each morning by walking the dogs on the beach, followed by coffee and breakfast. I'd read or chat the morning away, walk the dogs again, have a nap, help with supper, walk on the beach, read,  watch spectacular sunsets every evening and sit by the fire each night.  I also walked the dogs on the beach before bed each night, with the moon for company. It was so bright that I could see my shadow from the moonlight. I did go and see Anne of Green Gables the Musical, which was great.

I also brought the dogs to visit Jane from Her cottage/house is beautiful... as she is! We had a lovely visit, she was well entertained by the dogs... My big puppy slept on the porch for most of it ( he was very relaxed) and my borrowed dog explored for a large part, then stole a potato leftover from Jane's yummy Potato/Leek soup. She also napped on the porch after she finished exploring.  Crofters Lane  was as peaceful as I imagined, and the house feels good when you  enter the door. Thanks again Jane! Jane is the first blogger I've met in person... I have a list of who I'd like to meet!

I'm back to reality now, laundry, some housework and yard work, then back to work tomorrow...

My vacation was exactly what I needed, time to sit and think, rest and relax, spend time outdoors and by the water... It wasn't a crazy expensive week, I'm guessing in total for the cottage rentals, gas, food and drinks,  and one outing per person, we spent less than 3000. That's  for 5 adults, one teenager and two kids.


Jolie said…
Oh so glad you had such a great vacation after the weather rocky start you had.

So pea green with envy that you got to meet Jane. Her place sounds amazing.
its me, sam said…
Jolie, just so you know, you're on my must meet Blogger list!
Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like a wonderful time!! Too often I travel when I'm off, and I get back more tired than when I left. Your vacation sounds ideal to me........... although my new house is a little winterized cottage on a river, so it's like I'm on vacation year round.

Glad you saw Jane and hopefully that cheered her up some :)
The Witch said…
So happy to hear your and your family had a wonderful vacation on P.E.I. You did have perfect weather. How where the cottages? I know you much have been staying at the Western end of the Island to meet up with Jane. Glad you guys finally got to meet, I'm sure you had lots to chat about. Sounds as if she has now headed to the Eastern end of the island to visit her sister.
I'm sure you are well rested up.
Canadian Saver congratulation on the new place.
Finding my Way said…
Oooohhh!! A meet up in PEI! It sounds like you both had a fabulous time!
Jane said…
So glad we could finally connect-what a lovely spirit you are and the doggies were well behaved minus the little potato stealing incident. It's a wonderful thing when someone visits and feels the same peaceful energy about the place that I do! You are always welcome!

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