Sunday, July 6, 2014


Dear Aurthur, I'm glad to see you're gone, but will never be forgotten. I'm off to say good bye to the cherry tree in my mothers backyard...  with a saw in hand to chop down some limbs. I'm saying good bye to my snowball tree, you've lifted him up out of the ground. Now, I'm praying that the power gets restored in other places, so my family and I can go on vacation. It was a wild, windy day, with roads washed out, tree blown over and lots of flooding... Everyone I know is safe and sound, some minor property damage with trees being blown over, and that's whats most important.  I'll be back next Sunday with a vacation recap, as I'm off to do some chores, then I'll be loading up the car and heading to PEI...


The Witch said...

Glad you did postpone for a day.
We had much the same damage and the bridge was closed anyway.
Drive safely and have a great vacation on P.E.I.
I think you mentioned staying up near Mill River area which is beautiful, and close to Jane.
Hopefully she made it ok also.

Jolie said...

Glad to hear from you. I was wondering how you have been through this storm. hope you can get on vacation soon.

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