Sunday Night Chit Chat June 8/14 edition

  • Are you watching? I played an episode of the Walking Dead, but got busy cooking and missed it all. 

  • Are you reading? A book by the guy who wrote Kite Runner.

  • Are you looking forward to next week? Having Sunday off!

  • Did you have for dinner tonight? Roasted asparagus, pork chops and potatoes. 

  • Are your 3 top goals for next week? Walk the dog's twice on 4 separate days, eating well and getting the winter tires off my car!

  • Best/Worst financial decision over the last week? Worst? Borrowing money to pay my income tax, best decision was to increase my mortgage payment by 27.00 biweekly.

  • Made you happy this week? This week was really, really rough. One of the best parts was on Friday morning, I was walking the dogs, it was pouring rain, I was cranky and I started to splash in the puddles... It really helped improve my mood. 

  • Wearing today? Orange T-shirt and beige capris. 

  • Thanks again Carla for hosting this!


Jane said…
I have a book to read this summer by the Kite Runner guy too-it's called "and the mountains echoed", is that the one you have? I've put my bi-monthly mortgage payment up a few times, it cuts years off, and interest of course.. That balances out your income tax borrowing in my opinion! Weather looks a bit cool out there-hope it warms up by July!,

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