Sunday, June 8th

It's Sunday morning, I've been up for a few hours already, slowly sipping my coffee and thinking about that to do today.

So far on the agenda is laundry, walk the dogs, clean off the kitchen table, cook some food and prep meals for the week. I need a new phone charger, as I left mine at the hotel.  I did a clean out of the fridge yesterday and my maple syrup had mold in it... So sad... I tossed a bunch of stuff that had been expired, and wiped down shelves. My goals is to have the fridge completely cleaned out by Friday. I also even sorted the pantry out yesterday. I tossed a few things, and I'll need some creative ideas for a few things as well. ( Like yellow split peas and barley).  I also need some spices and a few other things at the grocery store in order to have a solid eating plan for the week.  Update... I made Yellow split pea Dhal and it's really good!

I've fallen off the food wagon, and have been eating lots of crap lately, my way of coping with stress is with food. I've eaten tons of cookies and sweets, plus crackers and chips during the month of May. My body is feeling the effects, slow, sluggish, and my IBS is out of control. I have to pull the reigns hard on this one and force myself to plan, buy and make my meals. Yes, the hardest part is to actually make the food once it's in the house.

This week's menu includes: spinach salad with feta, mixed greens with black bean topping, chicken stuffed with spinach and feta,  pizza with veggies, pasta with grilled veggies, cucumber salad, and eggs, lots of eggs, boiled, fried, oven omelets.  I'll also have steel cut oatmeal with raisins, and I'm going to make some homemade chewy granola bars to snack on. I'll be eating bananas , grapes and blueberries for fruit.

I've come up with a new budget, one that gives me 190.00/week for food 81.00, dog 35.00, gifts and clothing 11.00, fun 11.00, personal 7.00, gas/car 45.00.

I also went to the bank this week to borrow money to pay my income tax. (I have things sorted out for next year so I won't have to pay anything). I upped my mortgage payment so I'll be paying an extra 700/year on the principle.  When I remortgaged  two years ago, I borrowed 107,000. My mortgage is now 99,000. I went from having 21 years, 10 months to having 17 years, 7 months left to pay. My goal is to owe 13 years on the mortgage in two years and have it paid off in June 2026 ( or sooner).

I'm off now to do some housework, and I'm finally going to get the lawn furniture outside. I'm also going to have to mow the lawn again today, so it'll be a busy one.


Jane said…
Hi Sam - I so identify with emotional eating. I've given up being hard on myself until I am officially retired, then I have no more excuse. I eat really healthy food but can't resist certain things after a long day at work - smarties, red wine, salt and vinegar chips, cereal - those are just a few of my go to items when I'm feeling stressed. I just can't stop myself!! Yellow split peas and barley both make me think of soup. Perhaps you could invent a Split Pea with Barley soup recipe!

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