It's definately never dull with two dogs around!

Now, that i have two dogs ( the second is a female and she's my house guest for the summer), it's never dull in the house.

Monday morning, I take the dogs for a romp in the field across from the house.  It's right after I get home from the gym and I'm sticky and stinky... The female is really good off leash, and she runs like the wind. So off she runs... into a porcupine...  Yep, a face full of quills... Poor girl! Off to the vets we go, after I wake DD up and she's sitting in the backseat with her, trying not to get poked with the quills...  five hours later and 132.00, she's all better. She was put to sleep and they removed the quills. She was a trooper.

She's on the mend, my big boy loves his girlie dog, they've been hanging out together for the past two summers, and they're happy. I'm constantly sweeping and vacuuming, but it's so much fun to watch them play.

Dd was home and is off again... She'll be back next week. They have been visiting with family and friends, helping out with chores and she's been cooking for me.

Now, I'm off to bed, as I've been lacking in the sleep department this week. Hope everyone is having a good one!


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