What a beautiful day!

It's sunny but cool and windy, which is keeping the blackflies at bay! I mowed the lawn, and really need to have the lawn mower tuned up, as one of the wheels looks like it's about to fall off. The lawn iis really bumpy this year, it must have been all the cold that made it so lumpy. I'm planning on tearing up the front walk way and redoing it with nothing but cranesbill geraniums.

Thanks for all the comments about the job interview, it's over and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.

I bought groceries today, and chatted on the phone a few times, had a visit with a friend and did some laundry.  I also had a big nap and played numerous games of fetch and kickball with the dog. We didn't walk today, but he is tired from the sun and fetch.

I also received my power bill and it was under 200.00, which is wonderful!

Happy Saturday all, I hope the sun is shining where ever you are!


Jane said…
Sounds like a nice relaxing day:)I'm a bit afraid of the black flies - my sister in PEI tells me such horror stories but then she doesn't use any kind of protection, spray or clothing.She thinks she's swallowed quite a few in the past week!!

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