Today I did very little... cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry and a few other little things.  I played outside with the dog, we didn't go for a walk, and my brother came over to fix the bathroom vent cover.

My body must have needed to rest, because I've napped off and on all day. I'm prepping for my job interview, going through papers in the house and reading.

I worked some long hours last week, and I listened to my body today, when it said, enough...

I went to a work event on Friday night, and I'm going out for supper with some friends tomorrow night. I'll be working 6 days this week, but tomorrow is just at my PT job. Saturday  will be a long day, as I'll be work the day shift at the pt job, and the shift will be between 8-10 hours.

I did manage to score two brand new pairs of jeans at my favorite second hand store for a total of 24.00.


Jane said…
You're very smart to listen to your body - if you see my most recent post the results of NOT listening to your body are very clear :( We have to learn to take it easy sometimes - I think women push themselves beyond their limits more than men do. Why is that?

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