Sunday again...

It seems like Sunday mornings are the only time I have to sit and write anymore. I've been busy working,  and fighting the flu. My mother and brother both came down with it last Sunday, and I've had lots of naps this past week, walked the dog less than I normally do and made it to the gym 3 days instead of 5. I actually listened to my body this week, when it said "enough" and rested.

I took a flying trip on Friday to the closest Banana Republic store and bought a beautiful cream colored pants and jacket, plus shirts, shell and scarf for my interview next week. I also bought new bras and some underwear that fits, and doesn;t slide off when I'm walking or exercising. Nothings worse than a self imposed wedgie because of too big underwear!

I worked a whopping 9.5 hours at the restaurant yesterday, and was just an energetic at the end of the shift as I was at the start. It was super busy, at supper time the tables were constantly filled, at one point there was only 1 empty table out of 42 tables. I worked with a really good crew, so it made time fly by...

The plan for today is some laundry, house work, yard work, a bit of cooking, dog walking and some reading. I still have more prep work to do for the interview next week, reading and reviewing some acts, union contracts and the such. I'm not being given the questions in advance, so I'm being proactive and trying to anticipate a few before hand.

I'm also going to foster a friends dog for the summer. She and my dog get along well, but it'll be an adjustment. My friend is going through a rough patch in her life, so this will help relieve some of the stress until she gets back on her feet.

I'm hoping to blog more in June, but for now, Sunday's will have to do!


T'Pol said…
Good Luck with the interview! Wise of you to prepare yourself in advance. It builds confidence and you will look better when you step in that door. Always looking forward to your posts. Take care!
The Witch said…
You certainly have had a busy week.
Hope you are totally over the flu.
I'm wishing you all the best and have my fingers crossed for you that you well ace the interview. They can be nerve racking because you never know what they may ask.

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