Early Sunday morning

I woke up at 5:45 this morning.  Early for a Sunday, I know. I've made a pot of coffee and sat in my bed, drinking the first cup, while reading. Absolute luxury.

I worked at lot this week, 14 hours at my pt job, plus an OT shift ( 5 hours) at my FT job, for a total of 59 of paid work. It's been a long while since I've worked this much, but I feel energized.

I did my taxes this week, I owe 2300.00, and now need to come up with a plan to pay it off. Next year, I shouldn't owe anything, as I'm finally having taxes taken off from my pt job. Yes, I'm a slow learner, and should have done this years ago, but I kept putting it off, because i thought it was too hard to do. It wasn't.

I made 250 in tips this week, which helped pay some bills and some will go towards gas and groceries. This up coming week, I'll be working three shifts, including Mother's day, so I'm projecting a total of 200 in tips for the week.

I saw Gordon Lightfoot play on Friday night. I've loved his music since I was a little girl and I was toe tapping and singing to myself during the concert. There was people there from the ages of 19 to 99. I'd highly recommend going to a concert at Casino NB. Great acoustics, and a fun place. We didn't go to the Casino part, but lots of people do. 

Today, my plans include walking the dog later on, and finish spring cleaning the living room.  I'll tackle the back entrance and pantry on Tuesday and Thursday and Friday do the Kitchen/dining area.

I have a basket of paper to shred, and more papers to sort through, which I want to have done by the end of May.

I hope to get outside soon and start some yard work, as the last of the snow melted yesterday. I have lots of digging to go and transplanting,  so that will keep me busy!


The Witch said…
You really did work a lot of extra hours.
Glad you enjoyed the Gordon Lightfoot concert. He was here on Thursday night and everyone loved the concert. He had his motor home parked underneath the building and everyone who saw it said how big and beautiful it was.
Hope you get outside to do your gardening, yesterday was beautiful here.
Jane said…
Some friends in PEI saw him too - I've never seen him live but would love too. Like you, I've been a fan since childhood. He's a Canadian icon :)

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