Spring cleaning

I'm spring cleaning this weekend. Yesterday I tore apart the bedroom that my boarder was in ( she moved out on Friday) and had it completely scrubbed down in three hours. I'm going to change things up and turn that room into my art room... I want to start painting again and I want a big space to do it in. DD's bed and things will have a new home in the smallest bedroom. If I don;t like the way things look and feel, I'll change it around again at a later date. I've tossed an old kitchen table with a broken leg and found a new home for a dressing table that someone gifted me, but I have no use for.  One of my besties is coming to help me out this morning, so I'm thinking that we'll get a ton done in a few hours.

I also did a bit of shopping yesterday, spending 115 @ the grocery store stocking up on laundry soap, dish soap and coffee. I bought toilet paper at Shoppers,, shampoo, conditioner, epson salts and crackers 55.00 in total and 35 at Cdn Tire on clothes pins, clothes line and thingies for making the dogs ties for both my yard and my mothers.

I also work at my PT job last night, bringing home 77.00, which is going into the bank. I'm still working out, walking the dog and enjoying life.

I'm going to have supper with my mother tonight and I'm going to get some prep done for the week later on today. I'll make a few salads and have stuff ready to grab and go on my busy days.


T'Pol said…
So, you are not going to get a new boarder? I guess after your laptop incident, you are right to make that choice. What kind of art projects do you do? Wish you the best with the spring cleaning. I need to do that too.
Jane said…
Food prep for the week is my goal this afternoon - I eat much better and can stay away from crap if my lunches are pre made and ready to go! I think it's great to make yourself an "art room"! Your paintings, the ones you've posted, are really quite good!
Keri Smith said…
Even in the small space of an apartment, cleaning services do come in handy! I usually hire one once a year to help with the spring cleaning. Then I can focus on the finer details of keeping my apartment clean! :)

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