Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm back...

and I spent Easter week-end with my DD in her new hometown, Montreal. We had a lovely visit, didn't do a ton of stuff except hang out, visit one of my dearest friends, eat and buy books. Oh and clean and do laundry. I'm home, and ready for bed. I hope everyone had a great week-end. My batteries are recharged, and I'm ready to meet the world head on again!


T'Pol said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a nice time:)

The Witch said...

Glad your back. So nice that you got away for Easter and spent some quality time with your DD.
I thought that you had gone somewhere warm and tropical.

Jane said...

Very nice! I always thought Kazi would end up in Montreal after having been in French immersion all of her life but not so far. The young man she's with doesn't want to move out of London so she may have to curb her adventures a little bit. Too bad. Glad you got your batteries recharged - we all know how important that is! Welcome back!

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