Thursday March 13/14

It's snowing... It's been snowing for over 24 hours and no signs of stopping until sometime tomorrow. No gym and no walking the dog today. Just shoveling paths, and working... I think that's enough... Tomorrow is a new day, fingers crossed I get to the gym and walk the dog... Night, as I'm tired...


Jane said…
We had that snowstorm too - dumped about 20cm on us. Then the wind started blowing wildly. Many many accidents once again. Today it's melting though as it's +3 - hope that comes your way too!
The Witch said…
What a wicked day yesterday was. Freezing rain, snow and high winds.
I know how you must be feeling shoveling and more shoveling. Shoulders,arm and back workout for sure. What a long Winter.
Hopefully your weekend will be sunny and beautiful.

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