Sunday night Chit Chat, March 2/2014

  • Reading:Trail of Blood by Lisa Black 

  • Listening to: I was listening to the 70's on CBC music

  • Watching: the Oscars , I just turned it on and missed a bunch of awards. Frozen  just won for best animated!

  • Cooking/Baking: I baked oatmeal, soya nut, chocolate chip cookies ( I want to eat them at work so no peanut butter, and they are so good), plus I cooked a small roast with red wine, asparagus, carrots and mashed potatoes. I made gravy too... My mom came for supper and we had a good time!

  • Happy you accomplished this week: I rowed 5000 metres on Thursday... that's 3.1 miles for my American readers... I could barely make my way to 500 metres 8 weeks ago..

  • Looking forward to next week: Going out on Saturday night with my sister and friends.

  • Thankful for today: So much to be thankful for... The sun was out today, and I had a fabulous walk,  two friends popped by for visits and good food!

  • Bonus Question: Will you be tuning into the OSCARS tonight? Yes, I'm watching it now!
  • Thanks again Carla!


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