My Take 3 update...

My Take 3 for March

Thanks to Carla for creating this!

1.)  Finances-
I'm on a book and clothing freeze  this month. It's also my mother's B-day and one of my sister's. I'm racking my brain for both. I'd like to pay for my mother's passport photos and see if my siblings would like to help pay for mom's passport for her birthday.  I'm planning on spending money on bills, the dog, food and gas.  Oh and some money on chalk board paint!

I bought some head bands and weight lifting gloves yesterday grand total of 24.00... I also bought some gently used books at my local library today I spent 5.00 for 8 books ( it was supposed to be 2.75, but I told her to just give me back a $5)

2.)   Personal-
Make plans to go out twice this month with friends.  I went out last Saturday night for drinks and I'm goign out for supper tonight with friends)
I need to eat more protein, which means planning out my meals!
Walk the dog 30 minutes a day minimum. He's put two pounds back on. We missed Thursday, the very snowy day, so we're 14/15 so far.
Make a Dr's appointment and an optometrist  appointment.

2.) House/declutter-
March 2-8 declutter and clean panrty done March 9-15 clean/declutter spare room It's started
March 16-22 - spend 15 minutes x 5 days in the basement
March 23-29- clean all the interiors of the windows and window coverings!
I also want to  make my own chalk board for the kitchen, and finish cutting strips for the braid rug I've been working on for over a year...
I also have books that need to be donate, so I'll pack them up and drop then off by March 14.


Jane said…
I'd say you're right on track! Can't help the weather - did you get the freezing rain that PEI got? It's nice here today though still VERY COLD!!
~Carla~ said…
You're doing great!! I'm in such a slump this month from this LONG winter... *sigh* I'd better get moving though!

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