It's Friday People!

That means I have one shift left to work before I'm off for two glorious days ( and it's going to be warmer, plus 1 during the day time!).  My sister and nephew are coming for a visit today, so that makes it even sweeter.

I sold the dogs large kennel yesterday for 50.00, which has been tucked away for May's gym fees, which gives me a grand total of 100.00 saved for that! Just 50 more to go.

I've spent money on food,  97.00, tobacco 44.00, food 15.00 and I'm getting gas later today, it'll cost about 40.00. I'll need to buy dog food this month @ 100.00 and just the regular stuff, gas, groceries, and some money for going out.

I booked a plane ticket to visit DD over Easter. Total cost was 377.01 return. It'll be  6 months since  we saw each other, and she's just as excited as I am. The dog will stay with my mother and I've found someone to walk him while I'm gone away. I'll be using 1 vacation day, plus I'll lose a shift at my PT job, but it'll be worth it.

Yesterday I had the winter blues set in. I was very tired, and low energy.  I've had a headache off and on since Monday and my body was saying enough! I took a sick day, slept past of the afternoon away in the sunshine, ate very little and watch some tv. I was in bed and asleep by 10 and slept until 7 this morning, and I feel 100% better.


Jane said…
I did something similar on Wed. Had a headache all day so left work early, had a 3 hour nap and woke up feeling much better. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body!

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