This weeks news holds nothing exciting...

So far this week i made it to teh gym 4 times, tomorrow is out as we're going to get blasted with a storm, and I figure between shoveling and walking the dog, I'm good. I worked at my PT job 7.5 hours so far, and made 80 in tips and 75 in wages. I left three tables with the manager yesterday, so I'll have a little surprise when I go back on Saturday.

I've been eating pretty clean all week but did have two handful of fries and a bit of gravy... It was very tasty.

I need to call or go to the library over a book I've returned, but they didn;t get. That's on my must do for today. I'm having coffee with a friend and  going to walk the dog later.

Next week, I'm taking my mother for dental surgery, as she has a dead tooth and needs to have it removed at a special clinic. My work is good and I had no issues taking it off. It may require an over night stay and a trip back to the clinic the next morning, so I'll be losing a shift at my pt job...

I also need to find  dog sitter for that same day... Must get on that one today too!

Money wise, I got paid, and paid the bills, and the rest of the money will stay there waiting for payments to come out.

How's your week going so far?


The Witch said…
May be no news but it's still nice to read your blog.
Ya this storm sounds like a mess.
I have tomorrow off but the whole weekend and Tuesday sound awful.
Stay warm and hopefully you don't lose power.

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