The end of February 2014...

This month was about an 8/10. I made it to the gym 17/20 days, and walked the dog 20/28 days.  I'm planning on getting the dog out for 30 minutes each day minimum in March, even if it means walking at 6:30 in the morning.

I took my mother for dental surgery and her first cataract surgery this month, using two vacation days for this. She's going great and is booked the second  week of March for the other eye. We've made plans for the day of the surgery for care, so I won't have to use another vacation day.

Money, well everything got paid, but I used my Visa three times... which brings me to Carla's latest challenge, which is coming at a good time! I'll post tomorrow what I've finalized.

Oh, and I have 80.00 dollars saved for summer vacation...


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