It's snowing here!

I woke up at 6:00 am, as the wind is howling here. Mixed with the winds is a wet heavy snow. The dog only spent about 5 minutes outside so far this morning, as he had to break a trail to use the bathroom.

I highly doubt that I'll venture to work today. I'm going to clean, do some baking, watch some hockey and of course, shovel snow... I may change my mind about work, depending on how the storm changes, but for now, I'm staying put!

Oh and Happy Valentines Day!


Jane said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Sam! I'm spending the evening with 3 girlfriends - going out to dinner then a movie. It's warmed up a bit here yesterday and today and we've seen some melting. The current storm is missing us thankfully. I'll be watching the hockey today too!!

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