Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm going to enjoy the sunshine today!

The sun is shiny and it's about -8 outside. I'm going to take my cranky butt outside and walk the dog in the sunshine, and feel the warm sun on my face. We got blasted with about 50 cms in total from the storm, and we're going to get walloped again tonight with another 25-40 cms.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy the sun, some good company and a much need walk to shake the crankies away...  Then maybe I'll get some cleaning done, a short list for the grocery store to get some fruit and make my plan for tomorrow... Baking, tv, and batch cooking...

I hope the sun is shining where every you are today!


Jolie said...

-8 sounds glorious. That's a whole pile of snow you've had and that is coming your way. We never get dumps quite like that. Have to say I'd like it experience it :-)

Enjoy your beautiful day and stay safe tonight.

slugmama said...

Enjoy that great fiery orb in the sky today!
We are getting storm #3 within 48 hours here.
I'd love to see the sun

Canadian Saver said...

Wow. We barely got any accumulation on Thursday... a lot of rain. We will get blasted tonight/tomorrow though!

Enjoy your day...

Out My window said...

Cranky butt I like that!

The Witch said...

Glad you got out to enjoy the sunshine.
We have a blizzard going on right now, so it will be a shoveling day when all clears up.
Enjoy your weekend.

Jane said...

By golly the sun IS shining here...and by Thursday it's supposed to RAIN! Still cold today though at -10c. I'm watching our hockey team play Finland right now and we're leading 1-0. Then maybe I'll go for a walk...though probably a bike ride in the basement. Enjoy your day!

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