Working on the resume again...

Once again, I'm polishing up my resume and just finished writing a cover letter for a job in another province that I all the qualifications, plus for... The added bonus is that french is not required ( that's the biggest stumbling block I'm running into here, my french is not good enough and that holds me back from a lot of jobs).

Money wise, things are good, I'm not going to have the money for my passport this month, but that's ok. I should have enough by Feb 6th to get it done!


Sharon said…
Hi Sam,
Looking for a new job? I need to update my resume as well. It never hurts to have it ready.
Jane said…
Are you planning a trip? Somewhere warm?? Man I'm tired of this extreme cold! I didn't know you were thinking of changing jobs...and provinces?? That would be a major change alright!

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