We're half done now!

The month is half over, and it's been good so far. I  worked Monday and today at my PT jb, bring in an extra 65, plus that in wages.

My Ft job has been insanely busy this week,  but I took Friday night off giving me a three day week-end!

I worked out Monday and tuesday, combined with walking the dog and today I opted to take the dog for a lovely stroll at 7:30. We walk fast, and I had a great comment from the crossing guard who sees me walking... She made my day...

Moneywise, I've spent 40 on food and 10 on tobacco since Sunday. I need gas and I'm going shopping at Costco on Friday with my momma...

No I'm off to bed, as I'm done in and the gym will be calling my name in the morning.


Jane said…
Not going to share the crossing guard's comment...darn! If it made your day it must have been very complimentary :)
The Witch said…
Sounds as if you are walking those pounds off quickly. Pretty soon the dog may not be able to keep up with you.
You have left us wondering what the crossing guard said!
I think I'm going to order Shaun T's Focus T25 DVD Workout. The company pays $150.00 a year to wellness which includes fitness DVD"s.

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