Tuesday the 28th...

So, I won't be meeting my savings goals for the month at all. I even canceled my dentist appt for tomorrow, as I want to pay cash, and its the day before pay day. I rebooked it for February.

I did NOT use a CC all month, paid cash for everything... Including 200 for the gym, another 100 or so for some new socks and gym clothes. I spent more on food, but am going through my stock pile in the pantry, and donated some things that I knew I wasn't going to eat ( like macaroni, ketchup, etc).

I've written the letter but haven't posted it yet. I've walked the dog almost every single day ( I missed 2 days, so I'm 26/28).

I'll have worked about 20 hours at my PT job in this pay period, which will be a nice boost next week.

I've also managed to take 2.5 inches off my waist this month... I'm not weighing myself, but going by the feel of my clothes, and yes, I'm proud of myself. Some day's I hate every second of working out, but I'm doing it!

I reworked my resume and cover letter and submitted it online 48 hours before the deadline .  I did it alone, I usually call on others for help, but this time I used my own skills. I wanted to take full ownership of this job application process and whatever the outcome is, it was done by me...

I'm going to call this month a draw... I've maintained a healthy balance for me..

I've got to run and get the dog from my mom's, as he had his sleepover and it's time to come home and go for a short walk...


Lena said…
Nice job on getting 2.5 inches off. That's awesome!!
The Witch said…
Good for you!!! What a successful month you have had.
I hope you get a interview for the job you are applying for. Is it far away?
What happen with your tenant and the cat situation?
I think you really did great this month and losing inches, what a bonus. Wish I could say the same:(
~Carla~ said…
Wow... 2.5" that is just awesome! Way to go!! :) I think you had a great month, good stuff!! :)

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