Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20th...

I stink and my legs hurt... Sweat dripping all over the place this morning, so many squats... and running... The dog is not getting a walk today...

I was smart yesterday, and prepped food for most of the week. In two hours I had cooked pork, sweet potatoes, roasted green beans and cauliflower, two oven omelets, and something else that i can;t remember....

I also did the great closet clean out Saturday night. I have 1 blouse, 4 pairs of jeans, 4 dresses ( all needed to be taken in), my gym clothes, and some sweater shirts hanging up. I have a few summer things that I kept, and a few sweaters... I have the clothes bagged up and ready to donate... I even got all my clothes ready for the week and stacked ( I'll just need to get my PT uniform washed as I tossed a pair of pants).

  Now I'm off to get ready to work, after I finish my first cup of coffee.

Happy Monday all!

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