Saturday, December 28, 2013

More snow...

The east coast is going to get yet another storm... Since the 15th of December we've had two days WITHOUT snow... And it's not even January yet... Break out the Bailey's, 'cause I'm going to need to tomorrow... On the up side, who needed a gym when you get to shovel every stinking day... Bring on the muscles!


Jolie said...

Baileys????? I'll be there right away Sam!

Snowed here last night too and brought it's friend 'wind'. Wonderful LOL

Tanner said...

No snow here... send it down to the mid east coast, and I'll send you another Bailey's! Do take plenty of rests when shoveling. There are so many hazards and so many ways to get hurt. Stay safe!

The Witch said...

I hear you from afar. The snowflakes have already started here and we have so much snow already I don't know were we will put any more.
I think Baileys is the right way to go today.

Canadian Saver said...

I've very sick of it already too... Thank goodness I am now just only 3 minutes away from work, otherwise I'd be a nervous wreck.

I have Bailey's too, will have to spike my coffee with it!

Jane said...

Who said Bailey's? I'll shovel my way there! It's been a tough winter all over and it's barely begun. We lucked out here in London it being too mild here for the freezing rain which hit other areas of Ontario just north of us really hard!
Sam - thanks for your words of support, it really has helped.

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