Joining Carla's challenge...

My goals for January:

1.) save the 150.00 for my dentist appointment at the end of the month.
2.) spend 150 on groceries.
3.) put an extra 100 on my MC.
 4.) pay cash for my passport (200 including photos).

Other goals for January...

1.) keep my kitchen table cleaned off ( no hoarding piles of junk on it)
2.) write a letter and mail it to a friend.
3.) walk the dog 5 times a week.
4.) organize the pantry, and freezer... make a list and use up what's in the house... 


slugmama said…
#1 of your "other goals" would do me
Best of luck on all of them!
ND Chic said…
I'm joining in, too. We will have some medical bills still trickling in and I need to increase our savings.
~Carla~ said…
Great goals!! :) Good luck with the challenge & thanks for joining in!!
The Witch said…
I read about this also and may join in. Great goals!! I'm sure you will be able to achieve them.
Hope you had a great Christmas and time off from work just to hang out with family and walk your dog.

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