Getting ready for the season...

I ordered pj's, dresses and other things on line today for 5 little girls. Three are for the little girls I always buy for and the other 2 are from the Christmas family from work. I spent a total of 99.38 and saved a whopping 142.00.  I'm just going to pick up some socks and undershirts for the Christmas family and my contribution will be done.

I decorated the mantel this morning with the nativity and stockings. I'm still wavering on the tree... I'll decided for sure next week.

I'm going to wrap gifts later on and get them ready to mail out by Monday or Tuesday.

I'm staying on track and life is pretty good this week!

Oh and I manged to walk 30 times in November!


Jane said…
So you walked every day in November!!! (I'm so good with math lol!) You are way ahead of me in decorating - right now is reno season so NO decorating has been or will be done in the foreseeable future. My daughter won't be too happy with that - maybe she'd like the tree in her bedroom!

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