As ready as I'll ever be...

This year Christmas will be different... My mom and I are heading to visit my siblings, DD and her BF are staying put in Montreal ( too far and expensive to come home).

Time for some new traditions, considering we'll be celebrating in two different houses ( breakfast at one, supper at the other). No fancy dessert this year, just some sweets that my mom has made. We're switching up our usual breakfast, and my mom has made homemade sausages patties for breakfast.

I'm done with all the gift buying, I'll be making a few goodies today to share, and I'll be off to an Italian feast with family tonight. ( Yes, my extend family has Italian roots and they love to cook like their father did).

I'm going to get my bags packed this afternoon, and the car is gassed up and ready to go. I'll be leaving on Tuesday and coming back Wednesday evening. A short trip, but it should be a good one. The dog had been to the groomers, so he's set for the holidays.

I won't even to have to buy groceries this week, as I have enough to last the week if not more. Which reminds me that I need to set my goals for January...

Oh and just so you know, it's snowing again... I think it's snowed every day this week but one... How depressing... I also only walked 4 days this week... and did I ever feel that lack of exercise.


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