The month is half over?

Today is November 15, and I can say that I got 6 gifts wrapped and ready to go to DD... A friend is going her way and is going to take the rest of DD books and a few other things that were left behind when she moved... ( 5 milk crates, plus a laundry basket and two totes of books...) I love my friends!

I'm working on my resume and need to go to work early to get it sent off as the competition closes at 4 today, and I just found out about the job yesterday! It would mean a move, but it would put me closer to my siblings...

I also need to do some much need house work at some point today! Or maybe I'll just do a little and spread the cleaning job around the weekend.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Jane said…
November is zooming by alright and I don't mind a bit! Whatever it takes to get me to PEI I am willing to do. You are so far ahead of me with Christmas preparations - you put me to shame. Kazi and I are planning a dinner/hotel/theatre trip to Toronto for Christmas but I haven't booked it yet. I gotta get moving!!

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