Sometimes you need to go wth your gut...

And I ended up buying the Fit... lipstick red, and it's zippy... I love putting around in it. Payments are lower, and so is the insurance... Life is too short to drive a car you hate... I had my beloved Accord for 11 years and missed it so much, this little car feels like it... The dealership gave me two sets of tires, the auto start and some other stuff to keep me as a client... the dog takes up the entire back seat, but he was happy to go for a spin last night.

And if McKeena's mom is reading this, I deleted the link to your blog... and for the life of me, can't find it... I miss it... , along with Canadian Saver...  I hope all is well in your worlds ladies!


The Witch said…
I bet you look sporty driving around in it. Love the colour red.
So happy for you and glad they threw in some extra's. Good extra's too.
Doesn't hurt that it will be cheaper to drive.
Have a great weekend driving around.
Jane said…
Well YAY for YOU - I'm so glad you could make the exchange! You sound so much happier :) And you'll save $$ on gas too!

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