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My car is a 2013 Honda CRV... The dealership replaced the battery this morning ( with a better quality one too, I might add).  ( and the battery went dead from the time I walked into the dealership to the time the guy went to move it, and I was so happy that it was dead. Proved I wasn't a crazy female after all!)The car is working better than when I first bought it ( lights are brighter, and no hesitation at all!). I'm thinking that the battery has been bad since I bought the car... It's still a rough by times ride... I'll post more when the snow hits and I have winter tires... That'll make me decide if I want to keep it or not!


The Witch said…
It was the type of vehicle I had been looking at about 2 years ago.
I couldn't afford it then and decided to hang on to my Honda car and put some money into it.
I'm thinking now about a Honda Fit but not sure.
Hope everything works well when like you say the snow flies and the temp is down in the negative zone.
its me, sam said…
Witch, I've got the FIT right now and love it. It handles the wet roads very well, drives like a charm, and it's a good fit... I'll be buying it tomorrow... I'll fill in the rest of the details Friday, but I like it better than the CRV...
The Witch said…
It's also a very safe car. My sister was in a accident last Friday on the 401 in Toronto and totaled the car, but didn't have a scratch on her. Even after the air bags went off.
She was one lucky girl.
Hers was a 2007 Sport Model.
She's looking to replace it with another Fit.

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