Mid week check in

It's actually Thursday, but I still need to check in...

Work is going well,  a few minor paper work mishaps but nothing that couldn't be fixed... I'm working today at both jobs, so I'll be home tonight by 11...  and yes it's a long day.

I'm going out Saturday night to hang with my brother and some of our friends from childhood. Should be a good time!

I'm doing ok with the cigarette buying, but not on track 100 % yet... I am smoking a bit less...

The dog continues to get his walks, as do I... we're 10/9 right now... I'm got to get my butt in gear and get going soon!

I'm still trying to get things organized with cleaning and such... I figure by the end of the month I'll have things sorted.

Going to my sisters for Thanksgiving dinner. Will leave here Sunday morning and drive back Monday morning.

I've got to get better at planning out meals... I'm getting foggy brain if I don't have enough protein... Need to make this one a priority!

And finally my money situation is decent. Enough to pay everyone and have a few dollars to spare. I need to get my drivers license renewed,  passport renewed and buy dog food ( one large bag for here, a small one for my mothers!).

Do the happy dance, as it's almost the long weekend!


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