Dreary Sunday

Today was dreary... Overcast, a little cold, rather blah... I made homemade apple sauce this afternoon, and spent a whopping 35.00 at the grocery store.  I went for a walk with the dog, had supper with my parents and read a lot.

I'm doing training three days this week, so I'll be home three evening this week.  I got my pay from my PT job,  I put 60 i the bank and kept out 140... I got gas for the car, 50.00's worth. 

Now, I'm off to watch part of season 3 of the walking dead and have a bath. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

PS, Jane I can't comment on your blog... :(

The dog and have manged 22/20 walks so far... Here's a pic of him this past summer... 


ND Chic said…
I love homemade applesauce. Plus it makes your whole house smell so good.

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