Week-end away

I had a lovely mini vacation away... Hung out with my siblings and their kids.  Had some amazing meals cooked by my sister and BIL, a trip to the Boyce Farmers market with my sister ( no kids), and a browse through Costco... Bought some apples, pears, maple syrup and dog treats. Walked the dogs three times ( I'm now officially back on track for the 30x 30 minute walks this month)...  

I stopped on the way home at a park I've driven by many times, but usually felt too rushed to stop. So today the dog and I went exploring. It was beautiful... right by a river, and lots of trails to explore.

Now I'm home, laundry is going and I spent 255.00 this weekend on gas ( 42.00, clothes 70.00, food 40.00, mailing DD's parcel 25.00, plus  a few other things, like books 25.00)...

all in all,  a wonderful week-end... Hope everyone had a great one!


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