Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spending so far this month...

1. Food- 17.22  and 9.75( three huge zucchini and some corn). 9.50 on take out...  36.45/250 so far

2. Dog walking- 4/4

3. Non essentials- 25.75 the movies I saw the Butler and loved it!

4. Gas- 57.00/150

Today I made some blueberry zucchini muffins... and tried out the food processor I was gifted a while back. I'll have about 21 cups of frozen zucchini for the winter.

Today was a major 8 km hike that took 1.5 hours,  The dog tried to swim across a small stream, but after two tries to climb the bank and he couldn't get a strong footing, he crossed the bridge. The bridge is just some boards nailed to logs and spaced apart, but he did it! I decided to go down a hill backwards, as it felt safer! It was super steep and I had let the dog off his leash, and he went another way. I think he was the wise one there.   I'm tired from the walk, but a good tired! The dog? Well, He's having a major nap right now...

I had a dentist appointment today, 320.00 later I'll get 80% back...  I'm back to work tomorrow, nit free...

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~Carla~ said...

So far so good it looks!! :) I loooove zucchini, but only in baked goods. lol! Enjoy! Good luck with the rest of the month!!

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