Mid month check in...

My goals for this month are:

1.) 250 on food / spent  154.55 so far

2.) 100 for non essentials ( fall mums, a trip to the movies, and money for a fitness class). far , I spent 30.89 on flowers... plus the movies 26ish?

3.) 150 for gas -57, hasen't changed, yet ( I'm going to visit my siblings about 2 hours away this week-end, so I'll be spending gas money for sure)

4.) walk the dog 30 times, minimum 30 minutes.  17/17! 
I need to mail DD's gift tomorrow...
So far, so good... but I did spend a chunk on the dog... 170.00 for  rabies shot and flea stuff...
I hope everyone is having a good week!


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