Low spend September goals

My goals for this month are:
1.) 250 on food
2.) 100 for non essentials ( fall mums, a trip to the movies, and money for a fitness class).
3.) 150 for gas
4.) walk the dog 30 times, minimum 30 minutes.
5.) mail DD's birthday gift...


The Witch said…
Those seem like reasonable goals for a low spend month.
Sorry to hear about the head lice.
Great that your company is allowing you to have the time off to clean-up the situation considering it was in there facility where you came in contact with it. Hopefully they are also doing some deep cleaning to resolve the problem.
Have you heard from Jane or Canadian Saver? I really miss them.
Take care and enjoy the rest of the long weekend.
Lena said…
Good luck on your goals! Our local Lowes sells mums for just a dollar this weekend. Just FYI :)
~Carla~ said…
Looks like your goals are acheivable! :) Good luck this month!

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