Lots to learn...

My new to me job involves a lot of brain work... math, reviewing files, and computer work... I love it... I've spent hours on the phone working with others trying to figure out stuff and making sure things are entered right. Next week I'll work 7-3 ( or later if I want to build some flex time), which I'll probably do!

I now have a set schedule at my PT job, Monday, Thursday for 4 hours each day ( or less), and every second Saturday... It keeps me in the loop and I know I'll have a pay of about 160/ twice a month... My tips will go towards gas, groceries and the dog...

This weekend I'm going away, and I'm excited! can't wait to hang out with my siblings and nephews...  I'll make a trip to the local farmers market, Costco, and maybe an apple orchard... The dog is coming too, so we'll get a few long walks in.

I didn't walk the dog on Wednesday, as he was limping ( too much chasing the ball), so he had some pain medication, and seems to be on the mend. I must go and pack my bag, along with the dogs, and get ready for work at my PT job. We'll hit the road later on, and I'll up date you all on Sunday!


The Witch said…
Glad your new to you job is going well and keeping you on your toes.
Have a great weekend away and shop to till you drop at Costco. I can't wait till get there next week. I have already got my list of things I want to pick-up and I'm bringing the cooler this time to try some new products.

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