Friday the 13th was a good day!

I'm starting a new job with the same department, but I'll be working Monday to Friday 3-11 pm... Which means week-ends off! A better sleeping schedule and a better routine... It also means Sunday afternoons will be spent cooking and baking for the week! ( I'm excited about this). I can cross country ski this winter by taking a refresher class, and it's pretty cheap too! I have the equipment, all I need is the fees ( 100.00 or so)...

My sister got offered a job today and my brother got his court date for his custody debate... All in all a fab day for me and mine! I hope everyone has a great week-end!


The Witch said…
So glad you have gotten yourself a better working shift.
I use to work the same shift and found I got so much more done in the day before work and getting to sleep in was a bonus.
Friday night will be the only draw back, but over time even that won't matter. Fingers crossed all goes as well with the rest of your family.
You should try and get to the beach today, after the storm we have found lots of nice sea glass.
ND Chic said…
Historically Friday the Thirteenths have been lucky days for me. Glad to hear that was the case for you. Maybe your dog can go with you when you ski?

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