Another week gone by...

Last week was spent caring for the dog, he had his teeth cleaned, and he's lost a whopping 20lbs since October. Lots of walks and hanging out for us.

work... I'm beginning to find the night shifts very hard... I did apply for a different post at work, but we'll see.

Grocery spending, I've spent 50 on groceries this past week, lots of good food to eat, now I just need to cook and eat it.

I also took time to go to the beach twice, a 4 years old birthday party, and I scrubbed the kitchen floor the old fashioned way.

I have more cleaning to do, a dr's visit ( I'm getting the results from my BP monitoring), a few walks with the dog,  walking at my PT job three times this week ( I'll work 7 days straight this week)

I need to pay some bills on pay day and get a key cut for my new boarder.

September will be a low spend month... That I can guarantee!


T'Pol said…
20 pounds? Wow! I wish I were your dog lol! I am trying very hard to lose weight as well. What kind of dog do you have? Have you changed anything in his diet? Just curious:)
its me, sam said…
T'Pol, he's a lab/ducktoller/border collie/shetlie mix. I began by walking him almost every day in November and a few months ago we ( the vet and I and the techs)switched his food to a high fiver/low fat food that's 93.00/bag and the bag last for 40 days. He gets limited treats, fruit, veggies and the occasional french fry... It's been good for me too, I've lost 4 lbs, but went down a size... xl to a l in t-shirts, 12-10 in pants...

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