Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finding joy in the small things...

It's 9:30 in the morning, and I can say that so far, my day has been filled with finding the joy in the little things life has to offer.

The temperature has dropped 10 degrees in my house over night... from 78 to 68... I love north east winds in the summer.

The dog and I had a lovely walk by the water. Smelling the salt water is soothing...

Getting home to a fresh pot of coffee, and sitting on the deck drinking my coffee and reading my book is priceless...

I need to do some laundry, and change my sheets, tidy up the house and start to organize the mess in DD's room ( almost all of her stuff is now here in preparation for the big move).

I have fresh peas, carrots, yellow beans and new potatoes to cook for lunch... So excited!

And that my dear friends, is the joy I've found so far today... What about you? What small things have brought you joy so far today?

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ND Chic said...

Tonight I pulled carrots with my little girl and had a snack in our garden. We also ate peas and ground cherries. I cherish moments like that. So simple but so precious.

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