Rainy Saturday

It's raining again ( tropical storm Andrea), so no yard sales for me this week-end.  :(

My goals are going good. I've spent since Thursday 80.08 on sneakers, 85.00 on groceries, 40 on supper, 10 on cigarettes, 17.00 on annuals and soil...  I'll most likely go the grocery store again this week, as coffee is on sale, and if I get two more cans I'll be set for the summer and into the early fall.

I work at my PT job Friday night, so fingers crossed I make another 100 to add to my pot. My bills are now all current and I still have money in my wallet and in my bank account.

We're now officially at 9/7 walks. I went on a hike on Thursday like planned and what a work out.   I haven't done that trail in about 10 years and it was hard. The dog had quite the work out too! I weighted myself yesterday and I'm down 4 lbs since mid April. I even had shorts on yesterday that I couldn't wear last summer, so I was excited.

I'll be watching my dad on Tuesday morning, and I want to do a few things here, so I'll bring his small oxygen tank and he can supervise my gardening.

Today, I'm going to do laundry, some general cleaning and spend about 30 minutes working on DD's bedroom. Add a dog walk, a visit with my goddaughter and a yummy supper ( asparagus, roasted potatoes and some kind of protein).

Enjoy your week-end everyone!


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