I'm going to need a major spurt of enegry tonight!

My contract for the real estate agent is done tomorrow night. Guess who has a showing at 6:00 tomorrow night? Me. Guess whose house looks like a tip right now? Mine. Guess who'll be staying up late cleaning tonight? me. Guess who has herself overbooked for tomorrow? me

I'll make my cleaning plan at work today, start tonight at around 8:30, clean and tidy for a few hours, then do the same thing tomorrow for a few hours and then relax. I won't get my hopes up, but lesson learned.... keep the house cleaned ( it's not that bad, just overwhelming right now). Now I must go and tidy the bathroom, one thing will be ticked off the list!

The dog has had 11/9 walks,  I spent 12.00 on groceries on Saturday, and spent nothing on Sunday. Happy Monday all!


The Witch said…
Sending you some extra energy for your cleaning spree.
Hopefully your agent isn't lying to you about the people coming for a look.
Sometimes I find they know the listing is ending and want you to re-list. I had a agent like this and caught him/her in a huge lie that didn't end well. It doesn't hurt to look at your house and see if any one really shows up for the listing. Then you can listen to them lie about the buyers to be that really weren't there. In a small community it can kill a agent and get you a great agent willing to take a discount on realtors fee's just to have your listing.
Learned the hard way.

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