Goals for June:

1. Walk the dog 30 times ( minimum 30 minutes per walk).
2. Track every cent that comes in and goes out. Cash is king ( cut up Visa #2).
3. Spring clean 2 rooms. ( My bedroom and DD's room).
4. Make 400.00 in extra cash.
5. Blog 3 times a week.

I think this is a very doable list! My hardest part will be Number 2...  Wish me luck...


ND Chic said…
Sam, #2 would be the hardest for me. I'm usually good with tracking until about mid-month and then I lose track. Good luck with your goals!
~Carla~ said…
Great goals!! #2 is hard but once you get going with it, it gets much easier!! :)
Jolie said…
Godo job Sam!! Enjoy those walks. Simple, free, pleasures and connecting with nature.

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