What's new in my corner of the world?

Let see, the dog and I managed 30/30 walks for the month of April!  This month, so far, we're 5/10, I had day surgery on Monday and can't do a whole lot, including walking an 80lb dog who pulls on occasion! I'm hoping to go for a short walk this morning ( 15 minutes and attempt with the dog).

I've got bills paid, a few groceries bought, and not a grocery plan in sight. I do need to do some more house work, but I'm only doing 15 minutes at a time right now.

My week-end will be low key, I'm going to work at my pt job, on Mother's Day, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do...

Next week will be busy, and my DD will be home for the week-end ( first time since Christmas)... My mom is excited that she's coming.

I;m healing and relaxing, and spring is here, the trees are greening up, the May flowers are out, along with the black-flies!  Hope everyone is having a great week and a fantastic weekend.


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